Amusement park airplane ride for sale

The playground is a comprehensive amusement park with a variety of amusement facilities, such as train rides, carousel rides, flying chairs, airplane rides and other amusement facilities. This is a paradise for children and adults. Aircraft amusement equipment is a new type of entertainment facility designed and produced by Dinis Amusement Company. The airplane amusement ride device is very popular among passengers, and it is also an ideal choice for investors. If you want to invest in amusement park airplane ride, please choose Dinis, we will provide you with the best products and services.

Amusement park airplane ride for sale

What is the amusement park airplane ride?

The airplane ride is a highly interactive new type of amusement equipment composed of mechanical, pneumatic and electrical systems. The amusement park airplane ride rotates around the central column, and passengers can also control the aircraft up and down through the buttons in the cabin. Passengers can chase and shoot each other, and the realistic air combat makes them both happy and exciting. The entertainment facility is not only excellent in performance, but also easy to operate. Self-controlled aircraft ride is your best choice for investment in amusement facilities.

 How does the amusement park airplane ride work?

Amusement park airplane ride for sale

There are two forms of movement during the operation of playground aircraft amusement facilities. They are rotational movement and lifting movement. Next, let’s look at the working principles of these two movements.

  • Rotational movement

The rotation of the equipment is driven by the transmission assembly in the turntable assembly, which is mainly composed of an AC motor, a reducer, a gear, and a slewing bearing. The gear is driven by the motor to drive the reducer to rotate, and the slewing bearing is driven to rotate by the gear meshing, thereby driving the entire equipment to rotate.

  • Lifting movement

Cabin lifting is the reciprocating motion of the cylinder in the air circuit to drive the boom components and cabin to move up and down. It is mainly composed of air compressor, air storage tank, triplet, air circuit pipeline, rotary joint, solenoid valve and cylinder. It mainly controls the air inlet or exhaust of the cylinder through the solenoid valve to control the up and down reciprocating motion of the cabin.

Amusement park airplane ride for sale

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