Tea cup ride for sale

Tea cup ride is a new type of amusement equipment. The tea cup ride has a beautiful shape, with a realistic tea pot in the middle, coupled with cups of different colors. Passengers can feel the mysterious exotic styles. With the revolution and rotation of the tea cup ride, visitors will feel very happy. Tea cup ride is becoming more and more popular. Do you want to have a tea cup ride? Please come to Dinis Amusement Company, we have tea cup ride for sale.

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What is the tea cup ride for sale?

Tea cup ride is a novel designed entertainment facility that can quickly attract people’s attention. The tea cup ride is mainly composed of a turntable and some rotating cups. Nine rotating cups are evenly distributed on the big turntable, and each cup can hold four people. The big turntable rotates around its central axis to make a revolving motion. With the rotation of the big turntable, the rotating cup also rotates reversely around the center line of the small plate. The rotating cup is a cabin for passengers. They can control their steering wheel to allow the cup to rotate freely. Let passengers experience the fun of multiple spinning during the play. This kind of amusement equipment is suitable for tourists of all ages. The cabin and decoration of this product are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, and the product has a beautiful and vivid appearance, which increases the fun of tourists.

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You can often see tea cup ride in indoor and outdoor playgrounds, such as amusement parks and shopping mall. Dinis Amusement Company has many different types of tea cup rides for sale, such as coffee cup ride, flower tea cup ride, bee tea cup ride and so on.

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