Kiddie Ferris Wheel Rides for Sale Q and A

How many children can the kiddie Ferris wheel for sale hold?

Kiddie Ferris wheel can be divided into single-sided Ferris wheel and double-sided Ferris wheel ride. The Ferris wheel ride consists of five beautiful and bright colorful gondolas. Each gondolas can carry 2 children, so the device can accommodate 10 people. Correspondingly, the double-sided ferry can take 20 children. As the equipment rotates, children ride in the cabin to enjoy the surrounding scenery. In addition, in order to meet children’s preferences, our gondola can be designed into a cartoon or fruit shape that children like.

small ferris wheel for children with carton theme

The speed of the children Ferris wheel for sale

In order to enable passengers to enjoy the beautiful surrounding scenery, the speed of our Ferris wheel is very slow. Under normal circumstances, it takes about 10 minutes to make a full circle of the Ferris wheel. The speed is not fixed, so you can set the speed of the kids Ferris wheel rotation. In addition, our ferry ride is equipped with a sound system so that passengers can enjoy the scenery while listening to music. This will be a great journey.

large fairground Ferris wheel

The high quality of kiddie Ferris wheel for sale

We have many different types of kiddie Ferris wheels for sale, and different types of Ferris wheels have different prices. But I will give you some suggestions that the price is not the most important thing for you to choose a Ferris wheel. There are many factors that affect the price of children’s Ferris wheels, such as the quality of the Ferris wheel motor, the axle of the Ferris wheel, the spray paint of the Ferris wheel and so on. When buying a children Ferris wheel, you must consider all factors.

20 meter Ferris wheel for amusement park


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